Polyglass is driven to develop advanced energy-saving roofing solutions that deliver long-term value for the building owner and comes with a 10-year material warranty.


Proven protection since 1977. Offers up to a 10-year material

warranty. It comes in a variety of colors. 


Has outstanding tensile strength by combining advanced technology with exceptional versatility. Has up to an 18-year material warranty.

Recommended Roof Surfaces

  • EPDM/BUR/Mod-Bit

  • PVC/TPO Recoat

  • Concrete

  • Composite Decking

An elastomeric coating roof system is a leak-resistant liquid-applied system. The elastomeric coating system is designed to extend the life of your roof by providing a reflective, energy-saving white coating. Scientifically, white roof surfaces have proven to reflect more of the sun’s heat rays than darker colored roofs do. Often customers choose to recoat their existing roof with an elastomeric product to potentially save up to 30% in cooling costs annually. Warranties range from 10 to 18 years. 

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