Full Roof Systems


Metal Roof Coatings (MR System) by the Conklin Company will prevent leaks, rust and extend the life expectancy of your metal roof while providing an energy efficient metal roofing solution.



Fabric Reinforced Roof Systems

Conklin's 100% knit polyester fabric (SpunFlex) is a popular choice among our clients due to it's reliability and affordability. Coatings tie this fabric to the existing roof to assure 10 - 18 years or more to your roof's life.

A single-ply system forms a barrier on top of your existing roof creating long-lasting protection from leaks. It is useful for commercial, industrial or agricultural buildings and low-sloped residential roofs. For flat or low-slope roofs it is an ideal upgrade and helps with energy efficiency.



At GC roofing we take the highest precautions in assessment and servicing and are always looking for ways to go above and beyond what our competitors may offer.

Our high-grade quality products open a wide range of repair abilities. Pride, honor, and respect go into each roof we set foot on; allowing us to accurately quote any roof system with the appropriate repairs to fit each property owner's needs on-site.

Please, contact us for any leaks and roof repair issues you may have. We would love to help!


Roof preventative maintenance provides building owners and property managers the availability of roof inspections for possible leaks and repairs that need to be done before the fall and winter seasons arrive. This has saved our customers a lot of time and frustration in avoiding roof leaks before they become a problem. Typically, this service is offered September - November, however, we also offer this service in the Spring.

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