Is Your Roof Leaking? We Got You Covered!

Heavy continuous rain and even wind-driven rain can cause damage to your roof, even if your roof is well-maintained or fairly new, rainfall and wind is still a cause for concern. 

The areas of your roof that are prone to pooling water can lead to a leak during heavy rain, not to mention, the gutters may not be able to keep up with the downpours as well.

Here are a few things you can do to protect your roof from

heavy rain and wind:

  • Fix the leak-if you see any water spots on your ceiling or walls, there could be a roof leak causing it.

  • Have preventative maintenance done to the roof, which ensures any debris is cleared from the roof, gutters, and drains.

  • Have the flashing checked.

  • Get the roof inspected.

  • Replace an aged roof that has widespread damage. 

Give us a call today! We can help with any of the above-listed services!


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