Preventative Maintenance Protects Your Investment

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Benefits of Preventative Roof Maintenance
It’s important to regularly inspect your roof drains, surfaces and downspouts to enhance the performance of your roof. Benefits of preventative roof maintenance include:

  • Extended Roof Life. The life expectancy of your roof is directly related to the frequency of roof inspections and the detection and reparation of small problems.

  • Early Detection of Problems. By conducting regular inspections, you will quickly detect smaller problems before they become larger issues.                 

  • ​Saved Money. Over time, roof maintenance will save you thousands in roof repair and replacement costs.


Our expert technicians will look for any signs of damage to the roof and pinpoint any potential problems. We will also provide a detailed inspection report with recommended long-term solutions along with photos of the roof for your review and records. Our Preventative Maintenance Program includes debris removal, repairs to minor visible penetrations, defects, and seams. We will also check flashings for any gaps or tears and inspect rooftop vents and parapet walls. 

GC Roofing's Preventative Maintenance Program is very popular among our customers.


This program is intended to help eliminate premature roof damage and extend the life of your roof over time.  


An annual or bi-annual maintenance and repair program will save you thousands of dollars and greatly lessen the chances of a devastating roof catastrophe.

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